Most Entertaining And Fun Way To Welcome Groom On Wedding
10 Jun, 2021
By Wediina Team

Time has passed, and so have the ways in which the groom is welcomed during his wedding. Unlike in the past, when bridesmaids would greet a groom with "Aarti ki thali" and a ribbon-cutting ritual, now girl gangs are more enthusiastic to make the groom's entry even more enjoyable and exciting. Now is the moment to expand your ideas and be more creative.

The nicest part of every wedding, especially for bridesmaids and groomsmen, is the entrance, where every one of them has a great time. It's interesting to see the teases, jokes and banters as the groom is welcomed. Bridesmaids and groomsmen might actually fight each other without even knowing each other (of course not literally). Those enjoyable moments are the most valuable aspect of any wedding for those who make time in their busy schedules to attend their friend's or cousin's wedding.

Otherwise, the groom should work hard to obtain his honey, the girl of his dreams!! It's not fun to take things easy; it's only fun when you put in the effort!

Of course, we all want to have a good time, especially when we're surrounded by helter-skelters. If you're looking for some fun methods to greet the groom at your friend's or sister's wedding, here's a list of some of the most enchanting and ravishing ideas for you... Take a peek...

1. Test The Knowledge By Asking Question About Bride At Gate

8 Most Playful & Fun Ways to Welcome the Groom at the Wedding! | ShaadiSaga

Testing the groom's knowledge of the bride at the gate is a lovely way to add some sparkle to the groom's entry. Ask him some interesting questions about the bride at the gate to see how much he knows about her. Make sure you have your questions prepared in advance, and they should all be specifically relevant to the bride or their relationship, with some lighthearted elements thrown in.

And if the groom fails to answer any of your questions, you know what to do simply raise the entry tax. he needs to be punished by more entry tax!!

2. Welcome Groom by Great Dance Performance

Fun and Entertaining Ways for Welcoming The Groom at The Wedding - Happy  Wedding App

Why should Baratis be the only one having a good time at the wedding? Even the bridesmaids deserve to have a good time. Another fantastic method to greet the groom is with a fantastic dancing performance by the bride's family. Let the groom and all the Baratis know how excited the bride's side is to welcome him. Also, don't forget to collect the groom's entry tax. After all, it is each bridesmaid's right to ask the tax.

3. Give Some Dares To The Groom

funny ideas to welcome a groom at baarat entry for bridesmaids!

Yeah, it's fun to see how daring the groom is in general. Many men consider their weddings to be their biggest dare, therefore make the groom feel it from the moment he walks through the door, that he must perform some dare at every step to get his honey. Yes, prepare a bowl full of dare chits, deliver them to the groom at the entrance, and allow him to enter only when he completes at least 3–5 dares.

Make sure your dares aren't too brave and don't forget to look around. Dare alternatives include singing a romantic song for the bride, singing the bride's favorite song, saying a daring dialogue to the bride's father, saying I love you to the bride on a video chat, and so on.

4. Welcome Groom With Some Welcome Drinks

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Giving the groom some welcome drinks is another entertaining approach to greet him at the wedding. However, adding a twist to it, such as putting the groom's favorite drink in a baby bottle, nursing bottle, or feeding bottle, would be amazing. Believe me when I say that it will be a lot of fun for all of you. Everyone at the entrance will be surprised by the twist of the groom drinking from a feeding bottle. You can, however, have a variety of options.

5. Use Some Fun Posters To Welcome Groom

funny ideas to welcome a groom at baarat entry for bridesmaids! 

It's important to have fun, and if you can't think of anything else, this will definitely work for you. All you have to do is create a funny and teasing poster and hold it while the groom walks through the gate. We all know that grooms can only enter the gate after giving money to the bridesmaid at the door, which serves as a form of mandap entrance fees. 

Also, these posters are a terrific method to tease the groom with your message. For example, you could write, "ENTRY TAX TO THE MANDAP IS RS........." (an amount you can fill in yourself), "The FIRST BRIDE THAN BRIDE," and so on. You can come up with your own enchanting ways to welcome the groom with funny posters or placards in this manner.

6. 'Spin The Wheel' Game in Welcome

funny ideas to welcome a groom at baarat entry for bridesmaids!

You can also take a page from this bridesmaids' family, who welcomed the groom with a spin the wheel' game. Here are some ideas for what you can put on the board wheel's many sections: Surrender shoes, INR 2500 off, Send bride a selfie, Sing a song, Add INR 2500, Take a selfie with bridesmaids, Spin again, etc. You may call it a reimagined version of 'dares,' but it's sure to make the whole family laugh. Also, have a look at that creative ribbon idea!

7. Wonderful Message On Ribbon To Welcome Groom

Last but not least, the ribbon you will use at the door can be customized. Print a great message on the ribbon. Ascertain that the message is funny, teasing, and entertaining. Also, make sure you have fancy scissors on hand for the groom's welcoming ribbon-cutting ceremony.

8. Welcome With Dart Game

Wedding Planner Ashish Bohra shifted his nuptials from Bahrain to Goa, and  replanned it, in record time.

For all of you, this is going to be very entertaining. All you have to do is set up a dart game at the entrance gate and instruct the groom to fire the dart at the center when the Baraat enters. You can only let him in if he does so, or you can charge him a large entry fee if he doesn't. Then it's a win-win situation for both of you.

9. Welcome With Welcome Board Single Letters On Hands 

Witty Vows

You can welcome Groom as well as the whole Barat with these beautiful WELCOME  separate latter bords. The bridesmaids or family of the bride keep boards on their hands and doing welcome.  

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