Some Important Tips for Your Wedding Day Makeup
14 Jun, 2021
By Wediina Team

When you think about your wedding, the first thing that comes to mind is spending time with your family and friends. You are thinking deeply about those stunning bridal portraits and the entrancing twirl in your gown. However, there are several factors that contribute to a bride's appearance, from dresses to flawless jewelry to flawless makeup and hair! However, even though you have trials (yes, always have a trial for your wedding day look!), There are certain things that you only see on your wedding day. 

Play Dress-up in The End

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The order is makeup, blouse, hairstyle, and dupatta. Makeup must be applied first. And always style your hair after you've put on your blouse. Now, these may seem to be obvious choices, but that doesn't guarantee you'll remember them during the stress of the wedding day. As a result, we recommend making a note of it and saving it to your phone under " stuff to keep an eye on the wedding day."

Be Before Time For Your Makeup

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So, you've completed your trial and estimate that it will take around an hour. However, it may take much longer on your wedding day. Allow at least an hour between when you start getting ready and when you need to be at the place. This will not only allow you to double-check your makeup but will also provide you with a small window of opportunity to catch a bite or a relaxing drink once all is in order. 

 Before The Chaos, Wash your Hair

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Don't forget to inquire with your hairstylist about whether or not you should wash your hair the night before. It is entirely dependent on the theme you have chosen for your wedding day.

If you want to style your hair in curls or waves, freshly washed hair can be too smooth, so washing your hair the night before. It is entirely dependent on the theme you have chosen for your wedding day. 

Time Off For Your Emotions

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It's possible that getting ready is the only time you have to yourself (while the others are working on you). So take the time to think about yourself and only yourself, and concentrate on looking and feeling your best! After all, today is the day you've been looking forward to for a long time!

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